With a total capacity of 340.000 tonnes, our facilities can receive and store, on average of 3.4 million tonnes of grain and flours, each year.

The main Portuguese port company for unloading and storage of solid food bulk.

We hold type A customs warehouse and temporary warehouse status, and we act only as providers of the handling and storage service, without any connection to the products’ marketing circuits.







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Ships arrive at our piers for unloading
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Tons of grain are stored in our silos
Trucks pass through our facilities

“Silopor has been always Cargill’s partner of choice in Portugal.
Silopor is a company committed to serve its customers at a good service level, focused in food safety.
They are always attentive to our needs, and the relationship with Silopor has been always cordial, based on trust and collaboration.”


Tamara Delgado
Country Supply Chain Lead Iberia Spain/Portugal

“Iberol has been developing its activity for several years at the Trafaria Terminal – Portugal through the services provided by Silopor, which has shown great commitment and professionalism in all areas of activity, namely in the reception, storage and distribution of food bulk.

José António Oliveira 
Director, Logistics Department

“Silopor, the company that manages the Trafaria and Beato Foodstuff Bulk Terminals, is a key contractor within the operations at the Port of Lisbon, covering the reception of bulk agri-foodstuffs that are crucial to the country’s food industry remaining viable.”

Manuela Patrício
Port Terminals and Logistics
Porto de Lisboa