Food Safety Policy

The core purpopse of SILOPOR is to continually improve services and promote a Food Safety culture in order to satisfy the needs of its clients, train staff and meet the applicable regulatory requirements.

Hence, this explains the motivations behind implementing a Food Safety Management System, certified since 2009, in accordance with the ISO 22000 norm.

The maintenance, monitoring and continued improvement of this Management System strives to:

1. Foster a Food Safety culture that encourages the involvement of all staff and the development of their competences, raising the general awareness about the adoption of best professional practices through improving internal communication;

2. Guarantee the Food Security of the products handled and stored at the installations and the quality of service provided to our clients;

3. Obtain the satisfaction, trust and preference of clients and taking on the commitment to communicate the risks inherent to the activities;

4. Improve the level of training and performance of staff, ensuring the continuity of the necessary training actions and monitoring efficiency through the level of knowledge of the human resources involved;

5. Optimise product movement and storage processes, preserving natural resources aligned with the principles of sustainability;

6. Promote the deepening of commercial relationships with clients, suppliers and other relevant partners.


Health and safety at work

Silopor has a set of internal regulations for health and safety at work, in particular the Safety at Work Regulation, which includes the rules on the use of Personal Protective Equipment and Work Clothing and the Alcohol Abuse Prevention and Detection Regulation.