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100 thousand tons at the beginning of March!


“At the beginning of March 2021, in the middle of the pandemic crisis, the Trafaria Foodstuff Bulk Terminal showed its vitality and responsiveness once again, more than three decades after it was first opened”, the Port of Lisbon said in a statement.

The terminal simultaneously unloaded two bulk carriers, the CRIMSON EMPRESS, serviced by Wilhelmsen Ships Service Portugal, S.A., with 66,000 tons of corn on board, and the PILION, serviced by Ocidenave-Navegação, Lda., carrying 40,504 tons of soy.

During the first days of March, the company will handle a total of 106,504 tons of agricultural products that will contribute to the balance of the national food chain.

The Trafaria Foodstuff Bulk Terminal was also in evidence during the last part of 2020 precisely due to its operating capacity. The Terminal, which is a part of the Port of Lisbon, received a record load of 82,641 tons of corn between 7 and 21 December last year when the capesize vessel CSSC Amsterdam (255 metres length and 43 metres beam) put in. At the Port of Lisbon, the vessel unloaded 82,641 tons of corn to be used in the national agri-foodstuffs industry.