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Silopor, the largest national port silo company, had its Business Plan and Budget for 2021 approved by the board of directors this week.

The document that has now been given the go-ahead highlights the climate of uncertainty around how the pandemic is developing, the extent of its economic consequences, and the repercussions on the company’s business.

The outlined scenario assumes that the company’s business will decrease by approximately 10%, mainly resulting from the decline in tourism, as the operation works with foodstuffs.

Despite this, a strengthening of the national market share is expected, similar to what has been happening in recent quarters; this share is currently 70% in the Port of Lisbon and 40% nationally.

It should also be noted that the scenario outlined depends on Social Peace in the Port of Lisbon being maintained as it has been in recent months – a fundamental condition for obtaining good results. Similarly, the cost of the main factors affecting production is predicted to remain stable.

One aspect that deserves to be highlighted is the company’s total financial autonomy: currently, it has no outstanding liabilities to banks or to any supplier.

Finally, the Food Safety Management System is expected to remain in place in accordance with the requirements of Standard NP EN 150:22.0000 and the terminals’ declaration of conformity is expected to be renewed in accordance with the ISPS – International Ship and Port Facilities Security Code.