SILOPOR – Empresa de Silos Portuários, SA was present at the “Encontros no Porto” session, on June 22, at the Gare Marítima de Alcântara, on the topic “Agrifood Market in the Port of Lisbon”, which brought together several companies responsible for imports agri-food products.

Dr Samuel Cruz, administrator of Silopor, was one of the guest speakers of the 1st Panel, having the opportunity to mention the unique importance of Silopor in the Port of Lisbon as the main Portuguese port company for unloading and storage of solid food bulk.

Together, the companies were able to think about the strategic importance and the fundamental role of the Port of Lisbon at the service of the local and national economy, with regard to the agri-food market, in the international and national economic situation of the regions of origin and destination of the traded goods and existing and future port infrastructure.