Fire drill reinforces safety at Trafaria Terminal

Silopor carried out a fire drill at its facilities to prepare employees to act in an emergency, ensuring fast, effective identification of the fire and the implementation of all safety procedures.

During the drill, members of the Safety Teams and other participants acted overall in harmony with the procedures laid out in the Internal Emergency Plan (Plano de Emergência Interno, PEI).

Throughout the PEI implementation process, and during the drill exercise, participants and employees were very committed overall, showing a strong sense of cooperation during the procedure to safely
evacuate all occupants.

Drills are key to an individual’s performance when facing an emergency situation. They help to test and create set behaviours in employees when faced with an emergency situation and raise awareness of and lay deep foundations for a protection and safety culture among employees.

Once again, Silopor has taken steps to comply with the regulations of its PEI, making safety its top priority.