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SILOPOR starts sustainable energy production


The work to install the Solar Panels on the roof of the Silos at the Trafaria Terminal was completed.

Most of the energy produced by the solar station will be for internal consumption, meeting the terminal’s current energy needs.

The company explained in the note sent to the editors that this infrastructure translates into an installed power of 528 kW, which could potentially mean an annual energy output of 770 000 kW.

In addition to the significant reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, the new investment will also allow a reduction in the company’s energy bill of the order of € 67,000 per year.

“Silopor sees this investment in solar energy as a way to contribute to the energy transition, reducing its ecological footprint, thus reducing its dependence on the electricity grid and fossil fuels.”

You can see the finished installation here in this short video: