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Silopor makes flu vaccine available to employees

The company makes the flu vaccine available and also performs rapid tests on Covid-19 every month for all its workers.

In the context of the coexistence of two respiratory viruses, seasonal flu and coronavirus, Silopor, as in previous years, decided to administer the seasonal flu vaccine free of charge in the company’s own medical services.

In a statement, the company considers this decision to be “of special importance in the current pandemic situation”

In addition to the application of the measures recommended by the General Health Directorate in order to contain the pandemic, the company will also carry out rapid monthly tests to all employees “thus ensuring the health of all and ensuring permanent operation”.

Since March, Silopor has been controlling the temperature in the ordinances, reinforcing cleaning teams with staff dedicated exclusively to the permanent cleaning of common spaces, installing gel alcohol dispensers and instituting the mandatory use of a mask.